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Currently based in Barcelona but born in Lille (France) dived into the electronic music world in 1997.

Inspired at first by artists such as Jeff Mills, Derrick May or Surgeon, and driven by a strong passion, he set up in only a few years a huge records collection and did experiment most of the existing styles and mixing technique from HIP HOP to DNB and Hardcore until he developed a particular sensitivity for the most hypnotic side of the Techno music that he adapted to lower bpms by the years, to keep all the spirit and intensity of the old school vibe and match it with the nowadays 's musical trend. 

Combining some advanced dj skills combined with what can only be described as true energic presence behind the decks, Dean Amo got quickly more confident in the dj booth and gained more support and respect from the local audience.

Co-founder of Hi-Tech procedure in the early 2000, the project organized a serie of monthly events in Lille during 3 years with an international dj booking projection at the KIOSK club featuring artists like Stanny Franssen, Trevor Rocklife, Redrum, Oliver HO who were introduced to the local audience for the 1st time in the city).

In 2004 Dean Amo makes is debut in 2 of the most respected techno music events organisations in Belgium : Kozzmozz and Pro-jekt ,playing next to some of the biggest headliners of the Techno Music scene like Adam Beyer, Ben Sims, Space Djz, Oliver HO, Umek, Marko Nastic, DJ Rush..

In the meantime, he gets his first gigs abroad, like in Serbia, Italy, Andorra, France, Belgium etc, delivering with "savoir-faire" some quality techno music with always a great impact on his audience.

After he moved to Barcelona in Spain in 2005, he will keep on performing in high standard venues like the Row 14, Florida 135, Sala del cel, La Cova Forest club, Newclass, Bindy club , Exile boat, Vogue club , Connect, Nouveau Casino de Paris, Zoo club, Torn de Nit...

He hosted as well during 3 years a monthly event at Zentraus club in the center of Barcelona.

As music composer, since 2004, where be decided to set up his first home studio.

Dean Amo spend hours and hours into the recording studio sharping his own sound, using both some analog and digital sources to come up with some elegant and hypnotic Techno Music.

Today he is counting various references on records labels like Audecks, Climax, Decoded or Gotham Grooves records, EXp-Mental...