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Define Shewby´s music can be pretty difficult as the list of his musical influences is large and various. It´s like a crossover between electronic music, acoustic, african grooves, Detroit Techno, Acid house, Minimal, Electro, Tech house.

He has as many different musical faces as a discoball that he show during his dj set for a surprising effect on the dancefloor. You´ll hear there what you were not expected to do, but that deeply inside you wanted to. Shewby´s performances on stage bring the audience to the next level.

His likes to combines melodic parts to sharp and loud drums loops and literally pump up the party driving it from a soft and causy atmosphere to the edge of a powerfull Techno music, which makes him a great warm up dj but also a good after party dj to wait for the sun rise dancing and healing the music until loosing the breath...

As a producer, Shewby is relatively new comer in the activity but his first remix of Drumcomplex "Panzerknacker" released on the brazilian record label ownership of Elton D and Greencross "Different is Different records" is meeting a great support for the biggest even if as dj he started in the late 90´s only aged of 18.

After listening, thinking about what he could bring to music and how he could do it, he decided to dedicate some time to practice on an audio sequencer and use synthetizers, samplers and drum machines. His background in music alongside with his talent and dedication are paying and he is now able to compose his own music and will soon present it to the audience. 

Watch out ! This guy is talented for sure and his agenda will be more and more busy by the time.